What can’t be said about the Aeropress these days? It has become coffee lovers favourite little brewing device and it’s used around the world. It’s also my go-to coffee brewer at home and in the office too. I use it at least once a day because it’s quick and produces delicious coffee.

However, it’s probably regarded as a niche product for the general public. So you might be thinking “should I buy the Aeropress?” That’s why I want to list 5 reasons why you should buy the Aeropress.

1. A smooth and clean cup of coffee

The Aeropress is very different in its looks and the way it works, to say the least. One of its appeals is that it brews relatively quickly and produces a very smooth, clean cup of coffee. It’s strange as the initial motivation of its invention was to make strong espresso-style coffee. Let’s be honest, it does not come close to that at all. Instead, the shorter brew time leaves you with a concentrated, yet less acidic tasting coffee.

In its function, it allows the submergence of water and coffee for a short brew time. Then using a plunger, you apply steady gravitational force where the air in the chamber pushes the coffee through the filter. A real smart invention in my eyes.

It’s hard to compare to other known brewers like the French Press, therefore it offers something different. The French Press can lead to a cup of coffee with silt in it whilst the Aeropress use of filter paper allows for a smoother and clearer coffee. What this allows to is unlock more flavours from the coffee…well only if your method of brewing allows it.

2. Various methods can be used

I really can’t explain the uniqueness of the Aeropress in how you can use various methods of brewing a cup of coffee. This ranges from different amounts of coffee, water as well as the brew time. I have seen people use chopsticks to stir the coffee to help with the extraction It can even be used to the wrong way up referred to as the inverted way which is now the most popular.

They even have an annual World Aeropress Championship. You can find these videos on YouTube or by downloading the coffee.guru app for the each years winners recipe. The interesting thing about these championships is the different and evolving methods used by the contestants.

Although I have my own go-to method, I still like to try different ways to brew and to see I can get different tasting cups. As long as the end product is a delicious cup of coffee then there is no wrong method that can be used.

3. Travel-Friendly

Yes, the Aeropress is very travel-friendly. It’s light, small and compact. I mean, it’s a filter brewing device that takes little room in your bag. The rest of the items you need are small, like the round filter papers and the coffee scoop. The Aeropress spoon thing is optional but a spoon will do for stirring. Obviously you will need coffee and if you are going away for more than a day. But some manual handheld grinders can actually fit inside the Aeropress to save additional space.

It’s also very quiet and due to its size, does not take up much space. I have been using it in my office for near 2 years and let it sit on my desk when not using it. I have also made constant trips back to my parents with the Aeropress and the only thing I had to worry about it is forgetting to bring it back.

4. Durable

The Aeropress may not look pretty okay, but it makes up for it in its durability. The hard plastic is not going to smash if it falls on a hard floor. I unintentionally experimented with this when my son chucked it down the stairs but didn’t even get a scratch on the Aeropress. Even the small plastic filter basket is very solid. Again, this is a huge plus especially when it’s also very light object.

I have been constantly using it couple times a day for almost 2 years and it is not showing any sign of slowing down. Initially, I thought the rubbery-end of the plunger would wear down or fall off but it’s still intact. The worst thing to happen is the numbers around the side have worn off but I don’t use that and don’t think it’s necessary. Out of all the brewing devices I have, this is the only one I don’t worry about breaking. All in all, this is a very durable piece of equipment.

5. Very easy to clean

The last reason is probably my favourite feature of the Aeropress which is it’s very easy to clean. Once you have brewed your coffee, then you just take off the filter basket and pop out the remaining grounds with the filter on top in the bin. There might be a little coffee left on the inside plunger but it’s easily rinsed off. The Aeropress is then ready to use again and it does not require any additional cleaning. My wife also likes this as it produces no mess in the kitchen.

Again, this allows traveling with it a lot easier too. Especially in the office where I need to clean quickly and go. Plus that sound the Aeropress makes when the pop out the grounds it’s actually satisfying. Now you don’t have to bin the grounds either. If you are a keen gardener then you can use the grounds as compost.


The conclusion is that the Aeropress is amazing. If you really love filter coffee then you need this in your life. It will especially make drinking coffee easier in different places like work or when traveling. You will never really get bored with it either because of all the different ways it can produce delicious brewed coffee.

This odd-looking thing has been super reliable and helped me understand coffee a lot more. I really recommend you buy one if you are looking to start following the trend of brewing coffee at home. If you are interested the check out the current prices on Amazon by clicking here. Also, check out my post here on what you need to know before you but it.

Photo by William Moreland on Unsplash

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