Coffee making at home has advanced in recent times due to the availability of Nespresso machines. However, to some coffee lovers, the inexpensive brewing tools are still as popular if not more effective when using good quality coffee. The Cafetierre or French Press, as I like to refer to it, is still the quintessential coffee maker for brewing coffee at home.

Now, why is this odd but cool looking gadget so good? Well, that’s why I am here to explain by providing you with 5 reasons why you should buy a French Press.

1. Best starting device to brew coffee

If you have decided to up your coffee game then the French Press is the best starting point. This is because the French press is easy to use. All you need to do is put the right amount of coffee and the right amount of water and let it brew. Obviously there is a little more to it but in its practicality, it is very simple.

Also, you don’t need any other additions like filter papers that are required for other brewers. Everything is already there for you use. What this does is then shifts your focus on what’s more important when you have started brewing coffee…which is the taste.

2. Makes great-tasting coffee

Obviously this simple brewer can make great-tasting coffee otherwise there is no point in recommending it. But the French Press will not make bad coffee taste good. You still need well grown, recently roasted, freshly ground coffee. You will also need good tasting water but that’s a discussion for another time. But the French Press really aides you in making great-tasting coffee consistently.

Honestly, I don’t know the science behind it apart from this device allowing space for water and coffee to mix together. But also the strainer allows for the separation of the water from the coffee once everything has brewed. It’s all very simple but it works and that’s all you need when you start brewing with it.

3. You can buy different sizes

One cool think about French Presses compared to other coffee brewers is that you can buy it in different sizes. If you want one for yourself then you can buy a small single cup French Press. But you can buy a bigger one if you prefer to enjoy more than one cup at a time.

I actually had two different sizes so I can make a cup for myself or if my family wanted a coffee then I would brew in the bigger French Press. A colleague in the office uses a larger press to make coffee for his team. It’s really useful and practical in those scenarios. Also, you can still use the larger French Press to make a single cup too.

4. It can froth milk

The actual reason why I was bought a French Press many years ago was to make cappuccino similar to the coffee shop ones. Although I later realized I will never get the French Press to resemble an espresso shot but I knew it can make frothy milk. All you have to do is heat some milk, put in the French Press and then press the plunger up and down half a dozen times. The milk will instantly double in volume and will develop a creamy and foamy texture.

Surprisingly, this hack is not known too many people. I have shared it with friends and colleagues and every-time they have come back and given me the nod of approval. Just to add, this is the reason why I always have two French Presses at a time. If I have family round then I use one for coffee and one for making frothy milk. It’s especially great for making lattes.

5. Cheap and available everywhere

The best thing about French Presses is the price and its availability. Firstly, French Presses are fairly cheap to buy for a brewing device. You can get a single-cup French Press from Tesco at £5.00. A larger 1-liter French Press can be purchased between £12 – £15. Obviously, the fancy-looking stainless steel French Presses can cost a lot more but they all do the required job.

French Presses/ Cafettieres are widely available everywhere from online to the larger supermarkets in the UK. I bought my first French Press from Tesco and the main factor for buying it was so, I was able to observe it in front of me. Although I buy most things online now, I do tend to take longer learning about the product before I buy it.


Hopefully, the 5 reasons I have stated should sway you into buying a French Press. Personally, there is something cool and relaxing about using the French Press. It’s long brew time lets you take a break from things and really savor you drinking a cup of coffee. When I get a new coffee then I always go back to the French Press to see what it tastes like. As I stated above if you want to start getting into coffee and then the French Press is a great starting point for brewing coffee at home.

Photo by Sonny Ravesteijn on Unsplash

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