My Ultimate Aeropress Recipe: Easy & Simple V.2

Recently I have been using the Aeropress quite frequently. The Aeropress is normally my travelling brewer but I have been using couple of new methods that I have enjoyed a lot that the Aeropress became my go-to brewer for a few weeks. I mean I did have some back and neck pain so brewing a […]

5 Reasons to buy the Kalita Wave instead of the V60

In this post I am stepping out of my comfort zone and getting bold. I am going to give you 5 reasons why you should buy the Kalita Wave instead of the V60. The biggest rivalry to the popular Hario V60 dripper is no doubt the Kalita Wave. It is the closest ‘big’ rivarly we […]

A guide to buying Speciality Coffee – What to know before you buy

Coffee Shop

One of the my favourite things to do is to shop around for speciality coffee and decide what beans I want to try out for the next few weeks. It is like being a kid in a toy store with so many choices. Unfortunately, you can’t buy everything that piques your interest and you have […]

What Consumers want to see from coffee roasters

Whether you are a consumer or a coffee roaster you will know that the speciality coffee market in the UK is very competitive. Speciality coffee drinking from home is on the up. It helps there are lot of coffee roasters to pick from. So for coffee roasters it is quite the task to get them […]

How to find the coffee brewer that suits your personality

I have been asked by people looking to get into coffee brewing at home which manual coffee brewer they should buy. I usually had the same answer for them but thinking about it more, I realised perhaps I should recommend a coffee brewer that fits someone’s personality rather than how easy it is to use […]

5 things you should know about the Origami Dripper before buying it

I bought the Origami dripper back in November 2020 and have used it nearly everyday since. It has also slowly taken over most of my posts and stories on my Instagram but can you blame me when it looks so good? So I wanted to share a few things about the Origami Dripper as it […]

5 Beginner pour over mistakes to avoid before you start brewing

In this article we will be focusing on some mistakes to avoid even before you start brewing a pour over. These are very simple mistakes that are mostly made when you are a beginner but can make a huge difference to your overall brew. People close to me will testify that I drink a lot […]

5 Gift Ideas for all Coffee Lovers Available Online

So I planning to post this article end of last year but things got in the way. Better late than never right! At least, buying coffee as a gift is an all-year-round thing. It’s especially right now the way the world is and shopping being done online more than ever. What’s even better is that […]