How to get into drinking filter coffee

Introduction As much as I love my filter coffee, I will admit, it took me time to get into it without any sweetener. Lets just just say I had to refine my taste. Now some people are the opposite who have always liked drinking coffee black. Then there are others who try to drink coffee […]

My Ultimate Aeropress Recipe: Easy & Simple V.2

Recently I have been using the Aeropress quite frequently. The Aeropress is normally my travelling brewer but I have been using couple of new methods that I have enjoyed a lot that the Aeropress became my go-to brewer for a few weeks. I mean I did have some back and neck pain so brewing a […]

How to find the coffee brewer that suits your personality

I have been asked by people looking to get into coffee brewing at home which manual coffee brewer they should buy. I usually had the same answer for them but thinking about it more, I realised perhaps I should recommend a coffee brewer that fits someone’s personality rather than how easy it is to use […]

A simple and easy Aeropress Method

As someone who has been using the Aeropress nearly every day for the past 2 years I can confidently say I still have no clue what the best method is. But that is honestly a good thing because there are so many ways to brew with the Aeropress. That’s what makes it fun. However, you […]

What you should know before you buy an Aeropress

Before I bought the Aeropress a few years back, I spent a couple of months pondering if I should buy it. It was not until I got a job at a new company where a colleague had it and I got to test his out, I instantly decided I needed this device in my life. […]

5 Reasons why you should buy an Aeropress

What can’t be said about the Aeropress these days? It has become coffee lovers favourite little brewing device and it’s used around the world. It’s also my go-to coffee brewer at home and in the office too. I use it at least once a day because it’s quick and produces delicious coffee. However, it’s probably […]