5 things you should know about the Origami Dripper before buying it

I bought the Origami dripper back in November 2020 and have used it nearly everyday since. It has also slowly taken over most of my posts and stories on my Instagram but can you blame me when it looks so good? So I wanted to share a few things about the Origami Dripper as it […]

A review of the Wilfa Svart Coffee Grinder

When I started this website, I said I won’t do reviews, and now, I am doing a review. But I am doing a review on the Wilfa Svart Coffee Grinder. Well, it’s probably not going to be a very well structured review, I just want to get my thoughts into a post because I recently […]

How to avoid a ‘bitter’ tasting coffee

So coffee consumption is at an all-time high and so is ‘bitter’ tasting coffee. Especially in the commercial section. But even when you brew coffee at home, it’s very easy to make mistakes and those mistakes may lead to a bitter cup. It also gets really frustrating if you go through the whole process of […]

My initial impression of using the Hario V60

Let me start by saying, I never felt as cool as when I first brought my Hario V60. I remember taking it out of the box and sending photos to my family on Whatsapp. My mum was just confused about why I was getting into a science experiment at my current age. But I felt […]

What you should know before you buy an Aeropress

Before I bought the Aeropress a few years back, I spent a couple of months pondering if I should buy it. It was not until I got a job at a new company where a colleague had it and I got to test his out, I instantly decided I needed this device in my life. […]

5 Tips to make coffee from a French Press taste better

Hello to the all the Coffee lovers out there, this post I want to share 5 Tips to make coffee from a French Press taste better. The French Press or Cafetierre as otherwise known as, is one the most common coffee brewer you will see in the household. It’s the kind of thing you will […]

How this ‘coffee’ loving thing started…

Have you noticed when your colleague gets into the office and their first task is to make a cup of coffee? I mean some make tea or just get a glass of water but a hot cup of coffee in the morning whilst you check your emails is a common daily theme. Now I love […]