Recently I have been using the Aeropress quite frequently. The Aeropress is normally my travelling brewer but I have been using couple of new methods that I have enjoyed a lot that the Aeropress became my go-to brewer for a few weeks. I mean I did have some back and neck pain so brewing a pour-over with a gooseneck kettle was very difficult for some reason. But the Aeropress was there to help in time of my pain and distress. So I wanted to share the Aeropress recipe

Now this is my ‘Ultimate’ Aeropress Recipe which seems to be the catchphrase going around lately. But this method is very easy and simple to use and makes great tasting coffee. Obviously this is the upgraded version 2 on my Aeropress recipe series on this website. You can check out Aeropress Recipe Version 1 here after and see which one you prefer.

What you need

The Method

Firstly, insert your paper filter in the filter basket and then screw that to the brewing chamber. Then place the chamber, basket-side down, onto a carafe. Pre-rinse the Aeropress, the filter paper and heat up the carafe too. Discard the water from the carafe and form the Aeropress if any remain. Add your 15 grams ground coffee into the brewing chamber and level out the coffee bed inside.

Set the timer and and add 30 grams of water into the brewing chamber quickly. Then aggressively swirl the Aeropress up to to 15 seconds and let coffee bloom.

At 00.30 seconds, add the rest of the water, 220 grams, within 15 seconds. Then with a teaspoon stir the coffee ‘aggresively’ 6 times anti-clockwise. Then let the coffee steep up to 1.45 minutes. Cover the chamber with the plunger but do not ensure you push down to hard and get coffee out.

At 1.45 minutes, insert the plunger unto the chamber and steadily press down for about 30 seconds and stop at the hissing sounds. Remove the filter basket and check away the coffee grounds or use for composting.

Preferably leave the coffee to cool down for few minutes to get the best taste. Swirl your brew before you pour and then enjoy.


Standard Method – Rinse and pre-heat the Aeropress, Paper filter and the carafe.


So as I mentioned this coffee does few things which made me want to post and share it. Firstly, this is a very simple and easy Aeropress recipe and you also get more coffee which is always a good thing.

Another difference here is that I use bloom at the beginning along with ‘high turbelence’ swirling to get the coffee going before you add more water. I think these actions help with the extraction and results in sweeter cups. Try to use close to 30 grams of bloom as it’s quite easy to add more and that might diminish the sweetness.

Once you have completed the bloom and added the rest of the water then it is good to stir the coffee about 6 times quite aggressively. This is going to help with the extraction and to get the best flavour out of the coffee. Then cover the brewing chamber whilst the coffee is steeping to ensure you are not losing any heat which will help with even extraction.

If the coffee is somehow tasting strong then first thing to do is grind a little coarser. I said the grind size needs to be medium-fine. But it is closer to fine then medium. I use a Wilfa Svart Black to grind my coffee and the grind size is on the Aeropress setting under the last ‘s’. I have actually gone finer then that for another type of coffee and got good results. But I will use the above as my default setting and then go finer or coarser depending on the coffee I am using.

The taste…

So let’s discuss what type of taste you might get from this Aeropress recipe. Well you should expect sweet, balanced and flavourful coffee. Normally Aeropress tend to produce lot more body in the coffee but here it is a lot more lighter and feels similar to a pour-over style. Also, it is good to let the coffee cool for a few minutes before taking a sip. The flavours will be more prominent and clearer.

I have been using lighter roasted coffee with both natural and washed processes with this method. The results are consistent and you don’t need to make lot of changes to the method. I did go finer with a Brazilian Natural, only because that produced a very mellow cup with low acidity so I just wanted to get more out of it. But I also tried a washed Ugandan coffee with plum, milk chocolate, hazelnut and raisin flavour profile and really got those notes coming through real nice. But I am pretty confident that it can be used with any types of coffee but lighter roasts are probably the best choice. 

The Takeaway

So there you have it my current Aeropress method that I have been using with results that make me happy. I wanted to document and share my Aeropress recipes on this website and see if I can find something even better then ‘ultimate’. There are plenty of methods that are really good but I wanted to share the ones I made up myself. If you try this method then let me know how it was in the comments. 

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